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Criminal/ Civil Defense Investigation

Our AGENCY offers investigation services and litigation support to Attorneys and represented individuals. 

Locate and interview witnesses - including court admissible statements, Due Diligence witness background checks.  Surveillance and re-investigation of criminal matters.

Service of Process + Express

Experienced Service of Process- 24 hour expedited service and return. NH,MA,VT,ME.

Collections assistance

Debtor Skip Tracing Nationwide

Locate/Track assets Nationwide

Court Appointed Criminal Defense Investigators. 

Civil contingency cases considered


Investigation and Surveillance

We are a full service Investigation Agency, Licensed and Bonded. With over 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement,  Criminal Prosecution and the Private Investigation industry.  You can be confident that our investigation and Surveillance specialists will provide expertise and experience, together with technology to obtain the best result with the highest standards and strict attention to detail and court admissibility.  


Personal Fidelity Investigations

"When you NEED to know."

 Experienced investigators conduct Video Surveillance and apply technology  to provide you with Documented  proof  regarding the fidelity of your spouse or partner.  All of our investigative results are legally obtained and documented with should your case go to court. We understand the special sensitivity required in these matters.  We exercise the highest level of discretion and confidentiality in all aspects of your investigation. 

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